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          The Memorial Brick                                 Campaign

Dear Donors

The Woodland Restoration Foundation is currently conducting the Memorial Brick Campaign.  We are offering you the opportunity to have a memorial brick or bricks installed around the newly restored meditation fountain.

Donations for the bricks are indicated in the chart below.

$150 - $500         1 Brick

$501 - $1000       2 Bricks

$1001 or greater 3 Bricks or a 12” x12” paver


The bricks will be engraved and placed where visitors will be able to see your tribute. Each brick will have four lines with 21 characters on each line including spaces.

Examples of engravements:      In Loving Memory of

                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Earl Well


                                                             Mrs. Lucy Ball

                                                             Loving Grandmother



To receive a brick, please click the donate button, select the Memorial Brick Campaign from the drop-down box, and enter the amount of $150 or greater depending on the number of bricks you desire.  Please email your inscription to Roxie Lyons at

We look forward to hearing from you.


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