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Quarterly Recap - 4th Qarter 2023

Despite the cooler temperatures and lots of rain, the past three months have been relatively busy at Woodland!  Although we didn't host large groups during this time, we still had plenty of volunteers.


We held 17 work days, hosted 283 volunteers, uncovered 83 1/2 markers, reconnected 9 family members with loved ones, and placed 4 new markers.  Our volunteers included groups from Delta Company of the 16th Ordinance Battalion at Fort Gregg-Adams, the University of Richmond APO Service fraternity, Varina High School Center for Environmental Studies and Sustainability, Kappa Alpha Psi, members of the Richmond area paranormal community, University of Richmond Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, Congregation Or Ami, Hermitage Enterprises, Henrico VCESS, William & Mary Alternative Fall Break, the Science Museum of VA , Abbott Laboratories, Quadrant Family Services, and the Henrico community service group.


With so many hands, we were able to cut the grass several times, weed around many markers, clear more growth in the woods, and probed in several sections, which was made easier by all the rain. We also organized the basement of the chapel and installed a heating/cooling system in the chapel.  This will come in handy as a warming and cooling space for future volunteers, and we hope to begin hosting meetings in the space soon.   

We are excited that community members continue to reach out to schedule volunteer work days for their groups! Please consider Woodland if you are looking for a volunteer opportunity. We look forward to sharing our next quarter recap that will include a large group of volunteers from VCU and a visit from Governor Youngkin and several members of his cabinet and staff for MLK Day.



Hosted about 283 Volunteers


Uncovered 83 1/2 Grave Markers


Reconnected 9 families and placed 4 new markers

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