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Monthly Recap - July 2023

In July, we held 4 work days, hosted 52 volunteers, found 9 covered grave markers, and our regular crews came out to cut the grass several days a week. Our volunteer groups were made up of Quadrant Family Services, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, and James River Hikers.  Due to the intense growing season, our volunteers focused on mowing the grass and removing brush.  We also hired a landscaping crew to help us stay ahead of the grass, and they've been doing a great job!  Mark Shubert led one walking tour, which was attended by 5 visitors.  


We were honored that Boy Scout David Parker, from Varina troop 501, chose to do his Eagle project at Woodland.  David secured funding and building materials, and he constructed 8 benches for use at Woodland. He placed 2 of the benches in the fountain areas, and we are planning on placing an additional 2 there.  We will be placing the remaining benches near the veterans' memorial and in the shade near the chapel. 


We were also very excited that the Secretly Y'all group chose to donate half of their proceeds from their July storytelling event, Tales from the Crypt, to Woodland.  John and Kathleen attended the event, and we shared our own personal stories about Woodland.  We were very happy that several audience members approached us about volunteering in the future. 


Like June, July was another very challenging month for volunteers, and our work days were attended mostly by small groups of regular volunteers.  We were expecting a large group from VCU towards the end of the month, but they ended up cancelling due to the excessive heat.  We are hoping that they'll reschedule for a later date. On the bright side, we are expecting several very large groups in August and September.  We have been scouting out areas where the groups can work safely and productively, and we are really looking forward to hosting!  


Hosted about 52 Volunteers


Uncovered 9 Grave Markers

Boy scout made benches


Cemetery Tour

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